Hangout with bikers

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Christyshow Realty was a co-sponsor for the just concluded Pillion Bikers Hangout at freedom park, Lagos island. Never leave a biker behind” has been the most shared rule in every bikers clubs and groups. This is the foundation of the love that unites all power Bikers irrespective of background, profession, religion, Bikers group or association they belong.

This universal rule has united so many bikers, and as such formed the bedrock of the social capital that is experienced in the biking world today in Nigeria. The decision to incorporate both power bikers and Non- bikers (friends, families, entertainment celebrities, enthusiasts and pillions) has birth a new phase in the biking events in Nigeria with the brand named “HangOut with Bikerz” and this edition tagged Pillions HangOut with Bikerz. The word “pillion” represents all bike lovers as captioned above.



The core focus of this event is to promote business patronage (Micro, SMEs and LES) within the power bikers’ community and create a platform for promoting love amongst power bikers and by extension to non-bikers through social interactions and business networking to harness the biking social capital.